Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amanda likes bling!

Today was prom dress shopping day. So we went to the store we always have good luck in and found a dress. It was not the dress I thought looked the best on her, but it was the one she absolutely loved. It needs to be altered in a bad way as it is several inches too long. But we have to get shoes first. The ladies were very nice to her there and she doesn't know it yet, but she even has a tiara to wear that night. She keeps saying she wants to be prom queen because she's never been prom queen... I said, honey, you and every other girl in that room.
Anyway, the dress is pretty, and cost a pretty penny although I will say that her sister was more expensive. It has tons of rhinestones on it which immediately attracted her attention.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Regional Games

Amanda and Keisha

Today was the Regional Games for Special Olympics and really the first time Amanda has played competition basketball since her sprained ankle last year. She did really well today but struggled with people "touching" her. The players seemed a little more aggressive this year, and a little taller. She did get very frustrated with someone who was pushing her a bit and kicked him with a karate kid type kick. Of course they took her out of the game and there was quite a bit of counseling and a difficult apology to the player she kicked. The only way I got her to admit she did anything wrong was to tell her that Officer Andy would be disappointed in her assaulting another player. Anyway, she did really well prior to the frustration, and was able to get many baskets. I also think she was reacting to the fact that someone pushed her last year and caused her to sprain her ankle. Here are some pictures from today:
The whole team Amanda making a lay up