Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bird Flu? Who cares

Ok, being a public health person, when they started to talk about the bird flu, I told Tim to get rid of the chickens. He has been wanting more ever since. So we did get new chickens in May. They were 1 day old and we kept them in the basement until last weekend when Tim made them a new home.
The dogs loved the chickens and would push them around with their muzzle.

They are finally in their new home after making the basement stink!

The new backyard

We have been working a little bit at a time to clean up the yard and make it more presentable. We finally got a friend to come in with his backhoe and tractor and open up the backyard to the brook. Our purpose was really to see the animals more clearly but it really added alot to the backyard. Since NH grows rocks, defining the brook became a good way to use the rocks.

And dad, this one is for you... the new stone wall you planted. The hostas are still struggling but everything is growing well.