Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almost done!

I have been trying to finish up my quilt so I can get it to the long arm quilter. I am so excited with the way this quilt is turning out. I have 5 more rows to add because it is a king-sized quilt but it is beautiful. And very BLUE!


This was the first year that we planted melons. I didn't think the growing season would be long enough but certainly it was hot enough and long enough! We had about 20 of these cantalopes growing when all of a sudden all the vines died. We didn't think they finished the process, but I decided to pick one, let it ripen for a day or so and then cut it. I couldn't wait any longer and cut into it. I gasped and Tim came running assuming I cut my hand on a knife. (because that is my response when I cut myself) I couldn't even speak but I just held it out and started laughing. It was GORGEOUS and delicious also. We totally enjoy the garden. Every night, I go out and pick vegetables for dinner. This week, we have already had spaghetti sauce made from tomatoes from the garden, beets, broccoli, and tonight, we had stuffed peppers from the beautiful peppers that came from the garden. It doesn't cost much to plant, just time and energy. We have also been eating potatoes this week that we planted. We figured we have enough potatoes to equal six 10lb bags. And we're not even done yet. God is good to us!

Kristin's Cake

I can't believe I have 2 kids in their 20's. Kristin turned 20 on August 21st and we celebrated by eating at La Carreta and we bought her a cake from Frederick's Bakery. Kristin loves cake and she loves to eat good cake. Yes, this is the daughter who watches the Food Network all day. Anyway, the cake was beautiful, and tasted good. But since I had to go all the way to Bedford and then wait for a couple of hours, and it cost alot... I mean you would have thought it was the Cake Boss' place. But it was beautiful! It was a white almond cake with strawberry and butter cream filling. Are you jealous?