Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random prom pictures

Pre-Prom Pictures

We got some quick pictures at the house and then we headed to Rockingham Acres Nursery to get pictures there. When we were picking up flowers the other day, they encouraged us to bring her there! What a GREAT idea. They were so excited to see her that they staged a bunch of places for her to be. But first, we had to get a picture with dad just like Kristin did.
There was a group of 10 toal who took the limo to the prom. The kids were SO excited about the limo. The first 2 kids in this picture, and the girl right in front of Amanda are seniors who went along with the kids to watch out for them.

The rest of the kids are from the program. They were all nervous and excited. I looked in the limo and told Amanda I love her, she just about cried and reached out and grabbed my hand. She was SO nervous. I did get a call from her on my cell phone about 7:30 p.m. saying, "Mom, good news and bad news....The bad news is I lost my purse with your cell phone in it....The good news is that Officer Andy helped me find it." Oh Amanda, you have no idea how funny you are! It made my heart glad that you were having such a good time!

Getting ready for Amanda's big day

Today was full of tasks to get Amanda ready for her prom. First, we went and had her manicure and pedicure. It is difficult to tell by the picture I took but she has acrylic nails with a design on them that matched her dress.
Next, we had a trip to Simply Cuts for Melanie to do up her hair. It came out really nice and the tiara was really nice. Melanie did a great job!!!!!

Is the cost worth it?

The prom this year is a New York based theme. First let me say that the ticket to get in was $47! I've been trying to rack my brain to figure out why it was so expensive. First clue, look at the invitation.
But after I went in with other parents to see the prom set up, I was amazed, and totally understood as they took a gymnasium and made it into a scene better than any wedding reception I've ever seen!!!!! As you walk in the building, you see a sign with flowers and park benches near by that says Central Park.
After that, you walk into the gym on the Brooklyn Bridge. If you turn left, there is the Statue of Liberty and the whole NY skyline with neon lights in the windows. The ceilings had silver guaze flowing from the ceiling.
And as Amanda would say... theres even a Cash Cab. No wonder the cost was so high.