Monday, April 19, 2010

Amanda's thoughts on the president

True story: We are in a restuarant and Amanda was teasing Tim and told him,

Amanda: "You can go to the moon" (talking to Tim)
Laurie: "Nope, no more trips to the moon"
Amanda: "Why not? Is it because that teacher died going to the moon?"
Laurie: "The teacher died when the space shuttle blew up LONG before you were born"
Amanda: "Oh well I just heard about it last week"
"So why can't anyone go to the moon anymore?"
Laurie: "Because Obama took all the money away that NASA was going to use to send someone
to the moon."
Amanda: "That is SO LAME. He is becoming very difficult!"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Amanda's letter from "her friend"

Well, we had no idea, but Amanda apparently wrote to Governor Lynch about her concerns about Haiti and he wrote her back. Note the personal note on the bottom. Makes me LAUGH! (Where's Sarah Palin?)

Easter 2 weeks late

Time is going so quickly that I didn't have time to blog about Easter. But I just downloaded pictures tonight and it brings a smile so I have to share. David and Stephanie usually spend Easter with us. This year, they came with 3 kids, food, plastic eggs, and new bikes in tote.

We had our normal ham dinner and David and Tim were fighting over the ham.

After lunch, we commenced the egg hunt. I forgot that kids are more happy with finding the eggs than eating the candy. Then, there were bike races.... on the porch. I guess it pays to have a 52' long deck. It was a beautiful 65 degree day out. Who do you think is the bigger kid?