Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Special Olympics Regionals

Amanda participated in the Special Olympic Basketball Regionals March 16th in Salem, NH. I didn't get to post pictures so I thought I would do so now. Amanda is a tiger on the basketball court. She is able to get the ball away from other players and go down and make a lay up. Some of the coaches are former Pinkerton students who worked with them prior to graduation. They are now in college and still come home every weekend to coach the teams. Their dedication is amazing.

CJ's wedding

Almost everyone knows that C.J. is a regular fixture around our house, especially when i have apple pie. He and his love Carol "tied the knot" on Saturday. Their wedding was at a farm in Keene. The building had a fieldstone fireplace that went up 30 feet, and the ceiling was all beams. They got married right in front of the fireplace. The bride and groom's fathers gave a charge to the couple. The wedding was simple and elegant. They had a pancake breakfast after the ceremony. There is a sugar shack on site and they were able to get the syrup which is like gold at $60/gallon this year. Pastor Courter officiated the wedding. I made the invitations and the place cards.

Amanda's Mishap

Well, we thought we were safe because Amanda is usually the aggressive one on the basketball court. But alas, she was pushed from behind when making a lay up at the state Special Olympics championship and got a really bad sprain on her ankle last Saturday. Because of her balance issues, the ER did not send her home with crutches or even a boot, just an aircast. After 2 days of not being able to put weight on her foot, or control the swelling, we took her to her orthopaedic MD at Children's Hospital in Boston. He re-xayed her foot (he was very suprised at how swollen it still was), and decided that even though it was a sprain, he would put a cast on it for 3 weeks. She now has a walker and a wheelchair for school. Everyone was quite impressed with her pedicure--- trust me when I tell you it's really the only girly thing we do. But the pedicure has flowers that match the flourescent pink she chose for her cast.