Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are these the geese?

Are these the Geese that brought down US Air Flight 1549 - Taliban geese?

Nonchalant and cool, these free ranging beauties defy the thought they could potentially act as agents of a dangerous mission.

These geese were seen this morning floating down the Hudson River and are suspected of masterminding the suicide mission of some of their cousins last week that brought down US AIr Flight 1549. The FBI has been alerted and an arrest is expected early tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I realize that this picture is politically incorrect... yadda, yadda, but it was SO funny to me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I love animal videos and I especially love the one of the dancing cockatoo named snowball. He is an amazing bird that loves the Backstreet Boys. It always makes me smile to watch this one. Enjoy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The stones that the builders rejected

Finally I feel we are starting to bring the kitchen and the mess to completion. We layed out the cultured stone (actually lightweight concrete) on the floor and developed the pattern that would go on the walls. Marty Magdziarz came over today and helped Tim put up the stone on the wall in the kitchen. It looks really nice and there is even a NH stone in it. Next on the agenda is the tile...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Amish are feeding my addiction

Hello, I'm Laurie, and I have an addiction to Lucky Charms marshmellows. I started eating Lucky Charms as a kid... harmless... but as time has gone on, I found ways to pick the marshmellows out without anyone knowing. It started when I would distract my kids and take one marshmellow out of their bowls. Then I would buy small one serving packs of Lucky Charms at work and pick the marshmellows out of those. Then I progressed to buying a box at the grocery store and eating all of the marshmellows leaving the rest of the cereal for my family. This has not gone over well I might add...
On January 10, Kristin's friend Rebecca Bell came over. She had just returned from Maryland and brought 2 bags of Lucky Charms (or other brand, same-difference) marshmellows in bulk that she got from the Amish market for about $1.50. Kristin handed me both bags as she left for school. She apparently had seen a bag like this at Rebecca's house and said something because she thought it was hilarious and then Rebecca brought some back. Ummm... they were gone in 3 days! I plan on driving to Lynchburg in April. I'm going to have to ask Rebecca where that market is.

Friday, January 9, 2009

For mothers everywhere

If you're having a bad day as a mother and you want a pick me up, there is a mom who has summarized a lifetime of what she has taught her children in just 3 minutes and sings it to the William Tell Overture. You can find it at
What is really funny is that I think I have said every one of these things!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can she get any closer?

One thing I have learned about my dog... Scout HATES to be alone. No matter where she is, she is with Ranger or with one of "her humans". It is very cute but very annoying. She doesn't like to sleep alone either. I bought a "zap collar" and I want everyone to know that ... she still slept with us. At least she didn't have me up every 2 hours last night.

Christmas Memories

I had a nostalgic feeling when Jen talked about the 4 angels that she puts on her tree and the memories that it brings up because mom always put them on her tree to remind her of her "angelic children" (very delusional Jen). I feel the same way about dad's white nativity set that he so graciously gave me when he moved from Southbridge. It means more because I know that he made the set when he was stationed in the Phillipines so many years ago. I remember that each Christmas, he would place them with care and tell us all not to touch them. Well, as you can see by the angel, and by the missing pieces, none of us followed that rule! Tracy especially loved the angel (thats why the wing is broken). And she'll probably tell you that I broke it...

The pieces I love the best are the camels (sorry baby Jesus). I just can't imagine camels in a small cave. And technically, I don't think the wise men saw Jesus as a baby. These wise men only brought gold and frankencense because the one with the Myrrh got lost... Maybe Tracy has that one!