Friday, June 27, 2008

Stone Wall

When we first bought our land with the barn , there was a large pile of rocks "holding up" the barn in the back and a big pile of dirt making a hill. Last year because of Jeffrey's graduation, we commissioned C.J. to build us a nice stone wall in the back. The wall is massive and it is 2-tiered. When the wall was finished, my dad planted it just in time for graduation. This is picture of how it looks this year.
This year, Kristin graduted and we asked C.J. to complete another project, another 2-tiered stone wall. It looks beautiful. It is not planted yet because we are moving the strawberries to the lower tier (after they finish bearing), and we're putting bushes along the top tier.

The most impressive part of this wall is the stairs that C.J. put in. We used to climb the dirt hill and get dirt in our shoes. It is no easy task to put in stairs and find flat stones. But we are quite impressed and are now the envy of the neighbors! Thanks C.J.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

50 is the new 30

After all the hoop-la from Kristin's graduation, you'd think we were done with the party thing. But we had a very significant celebration because our friends Don and Debbie turn 50 this summer. I don't really think they would want me advertising this to the whole world but what are friends for? Chara, CJ, Jared, and Brent enlisted our help to surprise their parents. Yes, I called Debbie to invite them to dinner and a bonfire and LIED! What is really sad is that I thoroughly enjoyed lying about this secret that wasn't even meant to be a secret. (I'm really questioning my salvation today....just kidding) Anyway, they were surprised and we had a great night. Don and Debbie's families came from Troy, Concord, and other regions of SW NH.

We did not have a bonfire, but the neighbor entertained us with hers.... especially when she yelled out, GET THE HOSE NOWWWWW! I think the fire was 20 feet high over there. And the Derry fire department had just gone down the road to some type of explosion. We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, had fruits, salads, and vegetables. We also had cake and yummy cheesecake. The cake made everyone have blue lips and tongue but it was all good.

Don and Debbie are very special friends who like our family to us. I was happy to be able to celebrate this milestone with them.

God has given good health and good friends. No one knows the path ahead but we don't walk it alone. I hope for many more birthday celebrations to come. Happy Birthday friends!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Becki's day

My sister-in-law Becki has been a part of my life since I was 21 and she was 14. It's hard to imagine a time that she wasn't there. We were friends first and are now as close as my own sisters. Today is her birthday. She is a wonderful mom, a caring and encouraging person, and can read my moods and thoughts...and she still loves me anyway. I'm thankful for her love and friendship. I know that she'll always be there for me and I will for her. Happy Birthday Becki!


Hard to believe that my little girl is a woman now and is also a high school graduate. She is more intelligent than she realizes. I'm so proud of how hard she worked graduating third in her glass with a 3.6 average. She also worked hard to complete college credits online and will enter Liberty with 9 credit hours. She did all this in her senior year! I'm so proud of her! Commencement was definitely a beginning for her and I know she'll be successful in college.

Kristin has never liked alot of people staring at her. I personally think she was quite relieved to not have to give a speech. We've always teased her by trying to hug her and kiss her. All of her friends know this about her and always try to hug her. One of the funniest pictures I've ever seen is the one taken on graduation day of Kristin getting a surprise kiss from her grandparents.

Although she doesn't like to show a smile, she was happy on graduation day and her smile was ear to ear. Kristin graduated with 3 others that attended with her since kindergarten. One of these people is Allie McEvoy. These girls have been friends for as long as I can remember. I realized that I would miss my daughters friends as well. I'll miss the girls coming over after school and socializing with our family. They are all going their separate ways and times together will be more limited. Very sad:(

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Day After

Getting to host a graduation party with 200 participants is hard... but the day after is exhausting. Getting ready for the party took time with trips to Sams and Wal-Mart to get the supplies. The only problem with shopping at Sams is that you then have to load individual items in your car.... or in my case, a suburban. But sometimes, even the suburban is too small.

The meat also had to be prepared. Once again, we asked my Uncle Ike to barbeque. Everyone loves Uncle Ike's cooking! He used his secret special seasoning to prepare chicken and pulled pork. Torrey asked Uncle Ike to make his famous baked beans and he brought them over the next day. (what the heck is a ham hock anyway?) He is always doing something for family.... we love you Uncle Ike!

The party was a success! There was enough cake, enough food, and there were even some cherry breezes left over. (actually they were hidden. Thanks Nancy!) Many thanks to my friends who ran the party for me while I entertained. Joyce, Sam, Nancy, and Debbie, I couldn't have done it without out you!

By the way, I did have a few comments about the lemonade.

The day was very hot at 95 degrees but the kids found a way to cool off. The water squirters I bought were a hit and so was the hose. I don't believe anyone got dehydrated on my watch... although the one casualty was Sam who burned his foot on a hot coal and spent 30 minutes with his foot in the cold water. Glad you're feeling better Sam!

This morning started with runs the airport.... actually 3 runs because mom and dad forgot a bag. Luckily, they were early enough that I had enough time to run home and get the bag. We ate at the airport diner (yum!) and then brought Tracy and Torrey to the airport. Today, Jen, Ryan, Kristin, and Jeff went to buy her computer. She can't wait to get her own laptop. We're looking forward to using up some of the food left over when we have Uncle Ike and the Batchelders over. And of course we'll have to go to Pete's scoop tonight.