Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet Ride

Today is the first time I have ever owned a brand new vehicle. The dealer bought the car at an auction from a dealership going out of business so we got a good deal. We got a stealth gray Yukon.... yes, I'm still driving a tank... but this tank is 11 whole inches shorter than the suburban. It has all the imenities. Can you believe there is a way for onstar to track the car by satalite if stolen and then dump the gas out so the police can stop the theft without ruining the car? Did you also know it monitors the condition of the oil and notifies me when it needs to be changed? It even tells me how many miles to the gallon I'm getting and how many miles I have left before I need to get gas. Technology! There is a radio in the front and back and wireless headphones so that everyone can listen to something a little different: radio, CD, and DVD. I think I am living like a queen, and I'm one lucky woman. Can you say ROAD TRIP? :)
Tomorrow, we're headed to Maine to go to church with Tim's parents....SWEET RIDE!

Sleigh Ride

For Christmas, David and Stephanie got creative and gave our family a sleigh ride complete with a bonfire, smores, and chinese food after. We went to Charmingfare Farm in Candia to enjoy a horse drawn sleigh through the woods. We saw horses, cows, reindeer, and bears, and we heard wolves. Charmingfare Farm is also a kids zoo that is open during the summer.
David and Stephanie's twins, who are almost 3, came with us and it was fun watching them enjoy this experience. We taught Johnny to eat snow and he thought that was the greatest thing! He also kept asking Tim to go fishing. TJ was quiet but didn't miss a trick. Both boys enjoyed the ride, the marshmellows, and hotdogs.

We always enjoy our time with them and are already talking about camping this summer! The chinese food was delish... cashew chicken, sesame chicken, pupu platters, fried lice... I mean rice, and lo mein. YUM!

Sunday Scrimmage

Amanda had a scrimmage last Sunday with the Londonderry Special Olympics team. She started out really nervous but quickly gained her confidence when she was encouraged by the coaches that she was doing a really good job. She had done a particularly good job attempting to guard and "steal" the ball.

She attempted to make a basket but was too far away. Today in her practice, she told me she made 6 baskets.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

He loves me! Tim was so sweet and brought home a whole basket of flowers that was very colorful. It has roses, tulips, gerber daisy's, iris', and various other flowers. I can't believe he's been my valentine for 22 years now. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. He doesn't read this blog so there is no need to expound.... but I am one lucky woman!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It took from the week after Christmas until now but the floor is finally done! I love the way it came out. Tim grouted it today. It has a little design of the same color using smaller tile that goes in a rectangle. I'm really happy with it and ready to get my house back together.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This one is for you Jen

I've always been... well... jealous of my sister's talent. She is an amazing artist with her scrapbooks and cards. If I had money, I'd buy a scrapbook store so that she could teach the classes and be able to order what she wants at cost. She has inspired me to try my hand at actually using 1 or 2 of the 3o0 stamps I have.

Recently, I made C.J. and Carol's wedding invitations. C.J. is very special to our family. He was one of my students when I taught at Calvary Christian and he enjoys coming over to hang out at our house. His fiance is a lovely lady who is an artist. She paints beautifully and enjoys contrasts and more modern shapes. They asked me to come up with ideas for wedding invitations and I was really suprised that she liked my ideas. Aren't they so cute together? I also was able to start putting together some thank you notes with her colors. I'll put these with her shower gift. Jen, what do you think?

Its hard to see here but the colors are black, white, and chartruese. The double hearts are a light metal that I got in a package of 50 from Michael's. The ribbon is from Walmart. The thank you stamp is a $1.00 A.C. Moore special. I got the paper from one of the 2 new scrapbook stores I found in Manchester!!!!

Caught in the act

I don't know why... but Scout doesn't feel like she gets enough food. Ranger, who gets only a quarter of what she does (because he is old, lazy, and has a low metabolism, and gets very little exercise), doesn't even eat all of his food so we put it up on the piano so she doesn't get it. Tonight, while sitting at the table, I hear crunching.... and I turn around and look what I see... Scout on my piano eating Ranger's food.... UGHHH!