Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amanda's conflict

Amanda is now quite confused about who to vote for in the gubernatorial race. She has started journaling and this is what she wrote at the bowling alley. It is precious. She's saying now that she doesn't know what she will do. I didn't mean to confuse her by having her meet these people. You might need to blow this up to read it. :(

Meeting Rudy

After the Special Olympics games, we headed to downtown Derry because we heard that Rudy Guiliani would be there stomping for a republican candidate. We happened to arrive around the same time he did. When we got in the building, Amanda and Kristin were able to get pictures with him. Amanda reached out and showed him her medal from Special Olympics and he said, come here and get a picture with me and the republican candidate. He helped her get it out for the pictures.
Right after this, he asked Amanda where her mother was and made it a point to come over, shake my hand, and tell me, "good job with her mom".

Special Olympics Bowling

Amanda won her first gold medal in bowling today. She still granny bowls but would you believe that her last string was a 74?

She was given her medal by one of the Windham policeman, and reached out, grabbed, and hugged him. He was quite surprised by the hug and everyone laughed at her.

Amanda's quilt

I was able to finish the quilt top for one of Amanda's quilts. One down, one to go! It is called Lava Lamps.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jen, the "cat" is missing!

This one is for you as you were wondering why the"possum" is in your back yard. You need to get him back home immediately! Just sayin'.