Monday, June 13, 2011

A trip to the mailbox

Well, I don't know whether Amanda is watching too much Law and Order or what ... but Amanda found what she perceived to be a BIG wrong.... a bag of "cocaine" found at the mailbox.

Jeffrey tried to explain to her that "cocaine" does not come in a white bag with a brown substance and a string with a rose connected to it... but he had no idea that Amanda decided that the police would be the judge of that and she had already called them. Officer McClafferty came and explained to her that it was a TEA bag but that "anyone could make that mistake". Amanda reports that he "took a statement" from her (just got her name and birthday) prior to answering another "call". She didn't even call 911 but used the regular police # which she knew by heart. (of course) And this was all after the last exam when Officer Andy let her have a ride in his police car. He even let her see what it was like to put the hand cuffs on.

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Jennifer McGregor said...

It's my favorite story so far. She could be a Community Service Officer.